Short Stories

Mount and Blade: Warband: 1257 Modification Character Prologue

Using the “1257” modification for the game to help enhance immersion within the story, as well as to make the player feel like they are changing history with their actions, the “Character Background Story” page is the starting chapter of the story. It follows the actions and background of a man named Adair before my playthrough of the game took place to give me a starting point for my story.

World Of Warcraft – Akaros Background Story

Many millions of players inhabit the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, each with their own individual characters who all have their own tales to tell. As an attempt to enter a character as a drop within an ocean of others, I have created a story for my own player character, with full back story and strong motivations to succeed within the game world, as “Akaros” begins his path of redemption.

Due to the game being an MMORPG, and having already crafted two game stories, I decided to only make a character for this game instead of a full story or other feature. The character I would create would be entered within the “role-playing” server of the game, having never previously played in the World of Warcraft.

I never did get around to playing the game, but will leave my story here anyway for anyone that wishes to read it.