The Heiko Alliance

Chapter Thirteen – The Heiko Alliance

She met them for the first time in Fuchsia City.

Whilst the rain had stopped its after effects still languished upon the city as grey skies cast dullness upon the locale’s soaked streets which lay in disrepair. Puddles filled potholes on the paths and streams of water flowed down the sloped land towards the beach to the south. A retail park lay on Fuschia’s southwest and served as a central hub for the city with shops, a Pokemon centre, houses and the old gym which now acted as a mayor’s hall.

Leaf groaned as she almost slipped on the brickwork paths slick with water. She trekked through the northern portion of Fuschia City which had been transformed into a Pokemon zoo by the location’s new mayor, Koga, in an effort to bring tourism, and therefore a source of finance into his rundown city.

It was whilst she gawked at a caged Raticate who chewed eagerly on a fresh piece of tofu that the three men approached her. One bore a gold cloak and led two others who wore black robes, one trimmed with green and the other a dark brown.

“Leaf,” the man in gold spoke with his face cloaked in darkness by a hood. She stumbled backwards, startled by their sudden approach and instinctively reached for Dino’s Pokeball. The man simply held up a hand to her. “We come as friends.”

“Who are you?” she said and looked to the two men behind the one who had spoken, their faces were also hidden by hoods.

“Friends,” he repeated. “Told to find the one known as Leaf. For she is the Resistance’s key member.” Leaf bristled at the fact her identity as a Resistance member was known to the strangers but retained her calmness.

“Told by who?” she spoke coolly.

“Someone we believe knows you quite well,” he said cryptically. “We searched for our friend, Wally, but have been unable to find him. So were directed to you instead.”

“Wally,” she said then sighed and felt her heart tremble. “He’s gone.”


“Gone,” Leaf said sharply. “Who are you?” she asked the two men who hadn’t spoken.

“Servants,” they replied in unison, their voice like a hiss.

“And I am Ethan,” the lead man added.

“Wally made an alliance with you.” Leaf quickly realised who they were and why they had come, but not why they had resurfaced.

“And if he has fallen,” Ethan said without a flicker of emotion. “Then the buck must pass to you. Will you maintain our alliance?”

“What do you have to offer us?” Leaf spoke guardedly.

“We are incredibly close to discerning the location of Team Rocket’s chief base of operations and would like to extend an invitation of a joint assault upon their main headquarters upon its discovery.”

“How close?” Leaf pressed.

“We have a man on the inside who just yesterday received a promotion to their main facility. We shall join up with him later today after his shift has ended and he shall reveal the location.” Leaf froze at the news. All the Resistance had been working for would culminate in a joint assault on Rocket’s headquarters tonight in a fierce fight that would decide the fate of Kanto. Erik would surely be inside along with all the answers she seeked. Courtney and Silver must be hiding within too, the two apparent heads of Team Rocket now that Giovanni was gone.

“I-” Leaf struggled. “I accept your proposal,” she managed to say.

“Great,” Ethan buzzed. “With our combined numbers and strength we shall wreak devastation upon Team Rocket and free Him.”

“Who?” Leaf asked and tried to deflect the fact that Ethan clearly overestimated how many fighters the Resistance would bring to the battle, which would be just her and Blue and that was if he even bothered to turn up.

“Our Lord,” Ethan bellowed. “Who will purge this land and cleanse it of evil.”

“Right,” Leaf replied. “I take it you’ve found your angels then?” she remembered that the Servants had vanished to find their three angels.

“But two,” Ethan said solemnly. “We have obtained two feathers thus far. But the hunt goes on for the third!” he perked up suddenly.

“Ah,” Leaf said with disinterest. “How will I find you?”

“You won’t,” Ethan spoke. “We shall find you.” He suddenly began rummaging in his pocket then pulled a small burlap sack from within and handed it to Leaf. “As a token of goodwill and gesture of good faith,” he said as he handed for the sack. “May our alliance bear fruit tonight.”

“Indeed,” Leaf replied and took the sack from him and watched the trio skulk away then emptied the contents of the pouch into her hands, having to eventually use both to cup the gifts together. Three alien stones.

Long ago she had made a pledge to never use a Megastone on her Pokemon like Erik had previously. She breathed a sigh of relief after noticing that they were the other kind of alien stone upon closer inspection, the kind that forces a natural evolution upon a Pokemon rather than a darker forced transformation.

The first two stones were clear, one with a orange centre shaped like a flame and the other a green leaf. The third was more mysterious and was cloudy rather than clear with a crescent in the centre like the moon. Whilst the first stone would evolve a fire-typed Pokemon and the second a grass type, Leaf was unsure which type of Pokemon the moon-shaped stone would evolve.

“Should I?” Leaf stroked Sap’s Pokeball then released the grass-type Pokemon. Sap looked from Leaf to the stone and then back to Leaf where she then smiled as if to say she’d accept the evolution. “It’ll be okay,” Leaf spoke softly. “Courtney did this many times without failure. The evolution is clean and natural unlike a Megastone,” she reassured her Pokemon then pressed the stone against her Gloom who was then taken by bright light.

A Vileplume emerged with a massive but flat red flower atop its small blue body. The plant was so large it looked almost too heavy for the Pokemon to bear but the evolution had proved successful. Leaf now toyed with the firestone in her hands and pondered which of her Pokemon to use it on.

“I wonder,” she whispered and picked up Heiko’s Pokeball. “I have no fire types,” she thought to herself. “But what would happen if I used this stone on a normal type Pokemon.” She had considered using the stone on Belly but the results could proved disastrous on such an enormous creature so she opted for her Eevee instead.

Heiko purred nervously towards Leaf as his trainer pressed the stone against him then he became engulfed in brightness. A Flareon appeared once the light had dissipated. The Eevee’s fur had turned from brown to orange and the mane around his neck had turned yellow along with his tail. Heiko had also slightly increased in size and now weakly spat fire as he tested his new abilities.

“See,” Leaf said and smiled towards Wally’s old Pokemon. “It worked.” Heiko offered a shy smile in response then was recalled into his Pokeball. Leaf considered using the moonstone on Belly but decided the best course of action was to wait until later. For now, she would withdraw two Pokemon from Storage. Club, the Cubone she had rescued in Lavender Town would be the first and a Horsea, a tiny ocean-blue water type which closely resembled a seahorse and was named Spurt for the powerful sprays of water he shot from a spout-like mouth.

Leaf allowed the grains of sand to trickle through her hand and the cold waves to splash against her bare feet. The day was too cold and the wind too brisk for anyone else to sit on Fuschia City’s beach but Leaf enjoyed the serenity and space to think. Her Pokemon danced joyously along the shoreline with Heiko, Club and Sap racing each other through the sand and Spurt charging against the water to defeat them all in their competition.

“Released by an as of yet unknown culprit,” Gabby, the news reporter, bellowed through Leaf’s PokeNav. An announcement for the next round of Kanto’s Champion Tournament was due any moment and Leaf sat eagerly awaiting the news. “Our glorious army are searching high and low for Lord Raven and will leave no stone unturned in their efforts.” The big news which had shook the region today was the escape of Lord Raven from within the Government’s grasp.

“Well he’s not going to return to Johto any time soon,” Leaf said and sighed. “Rocket still have that region locked down.”

“An investigation as to whoever the one man was who helped him to escape has also begun,” Gabby continued, once more relaying the information that it had been a single person who had freed Johto’s ex-governor for unknown intentions. “But any updates will be reported to you, our people, as soon as we have them.”

“Don’t care about this,” Leaf said and rolled her eyes. The escape of Lord Raven could have unforeseen consequences but with the man powerless and penniless they would be in the far future and she had enough problems to deal with right now.

“Now to bring you the draw for the quarters finals of Kanto’s Champion Tournament!” Gabby perked up and shouted the announcement with bundles of enthusiasm. “We are down to the best eight trainers our region has to offer and the ties will be drawn right now by our newly promoted Secretary of State, Courtney Razzo!.” Ty, the cameraman, moved the picture from his colleague to show the background where Courtney stood gleaming.

“Giovanni…is…Sakaki…Blue…Razzo,” Wally’s final words rang like an alarm in her mind. “Courtney Razzo,” Leaf gasped as a piece of the puzzle was revealed, but where it slotted in the grand picture of Kanto and Team Rocket’s dark secrets she had no clue. “Courtney, Blue and Sakaki,” Leaf spoke aloud. “I think those three are the key. But to what?”

“Hello hello!” Courtney shrieked, clearly enjoying the camera on her a little too much as she bounced excitedly whilst waving a hand and clutching eight pieces of scrunched up paper in another.

“So,” Gabby said as the camera panned out to show both her and the woman who had received a promotion in the wake of her husband’s death and was now officially Archer’s second in command. “Courtney shall present to me the eight pieces of paper and each will have one contestants name scrawled upon it. I have been gifted the tremendous honour of selecting each of the scraps of paper in turn and the order of which I draw the names will decide the ties. Still confused? Well watch and learn,” Gabby said and beamed.

“Go go go!” Courtney trembled with excitement and Leaf swore she caught different coloured markings on each piece of paper for a brief moment until the Secretary of Kanto cupped her hands and shook them violently to shuffle the pack. She reopened her palm and Gabby hesitated whilst searching the papers then began to take one at a time, piece by piece and calling out the names as she read them.

“First up,” Gabby called out and showed the name, Lorelei Kanna. “We have the queen of ice and ex-Elite Four member Lorelei Kanna.” Gabby then picked out the next name. “And she shall face,” she paused and unravelled the next scrap of paper. “Silver Razzo! Who I’m lead to believe is Courtney and our beloved late Giovanni’s son?” she asked of the woman beside her.

“Razzo,” Leaf said and almost choked on the word as if it was poison on her tongue whilst Courtney gabbered her son’s praises. “There’s two Razzos? A fake name invented to cover their true identities, perhaps?” she thought but the revelation simply confused her more.

“Blue Oak, the grandson of our Kanto’s illustrious professor,” Gabby read off the next name.

“Please don’t be me,” Leaf begged.

“And he will face,” she said then paused to let the tension bubble and toil within Leaf. “Blaine Katsura!” Gabby announced to her relief. “The master of fire and Cinnabar island’s old Gym Leader.”

“Phew,” Leaf said then turned her gaze towards her Pokemon who played together merrily. Dino and Belly were locked in a wrestling match to test their strength against one another and it appeared to be even. She only half-heard the next matchup between the so called “King of Dragons and ex-Champion Lance Wataru” and “The Elite Four’s muscle maestro Bruno Siba” until her own name was called to snap her to attention.

“Leaf Fuguri, an unknown trainer who has roots in both Johto and Hoenn,” Gabby called to a glare from Courtney.

“Boo!” Courtney hissed. “Foreigner.” She held her thumb downwards and lowered it repeatedly.

“Will face the venomous viper and ex-Gym Leader of Fuschia City, Koga Kyo.”

“Ah,” Leaf puffed. “The man who lives inside his old gym.” She turned her head to face back towards Fuschia City. “Come on then,” she shouted across the beach to her team who stopped in their tracks to listen to their trainer. “Let’s go battle!” she roared to whoops and cheers from her Pokemon.

The pencil-thin man stood bolt upright and judged Leaf with lilac coloured eyes which were slits in a taut, wrinkled face that showed his age as much as his greying hair. He bore a black martial arts costume held up by long metallic boots and eyed his opponent keenly.

“Welcome,” Koga said, his voice soft but stern. “To my old Gym.” He swept a hand across the empty room with its plain white walls and wooden floorboards. At the door which marked the mayoral hall’s entrance lay a couple of desks with computers and chairs and they remained the only thing in the room other than the two competitors.

“Hi,” Leaf said amidst her surprise at the arena’s emptiness. Gym’s were usually fully kitted out in a style to reflect and assist the Leader’s preference of Pokemon type.

“Don’t get lost within the maze of furniture.” Koga smiled sarcastically. “I jest,” he responded to Leaf’s puzzled look. “Where once my Gym was like a maze with long grass, pools of poison and traps, now there is nothing.”

“Why?” Leaf asked. She was here for the next round of the tournament but supposed finding out her opponent’s background may aid her in the battle to come.

“Because the region has become more corrupt and toxic than a venomous snake bite,” he spoke with a bitter calmness. “My Gym had no trainers within for an aspiring challenger to battle. Instead the participant was to prove their wit and cunning along with their Pokemon to make it through layers of traps and toxins. Only teamwork, spirit and determination would see them escape the maze to face me at the end.”

“Now it’s empty.” Leaf looked around once more and struggled to envisage the old layout in the room’s blandness.

“Because my Gym is now the town hall, not a proving ground,” Koga spat. “Because our ‘glorious overlords’ wish it so,” he sarcastically grumbled. “I had even sent my daughter, Janine, away to Johto to escape the corruption but that region has fallen to our ‘masters’ as well.”

“Most of Kanto’s population think our government are great,” Leaf said and sighed.

“I am a master of poison,” Koga said proudly. “My Pokemon sedate their opponents with venom which corrupts their system. We win victories through cunning and grit. We trick then terrorise our foes,” he spoke passionately then his voice turned sharper, darker even. “Which is exactly what Team Rocket have done to our government. I see it Leaf, because they are using tricks that I myself use in battle. But instead of winning victory on a battlefield, Team Rocket have won victory over an entire region.”

“Surprised they haven’t got rid of you,” Leaf said. “As an outspoken rebel.”

“I don’t tell of the plight to every dumb civilian that walks within my City. I tell you because you are the Resistance, the last hope of our beleaguered nation.”

“How did you-” Leaf began.

“Know thy enemy,” Koga finished. “And know thy antagonist’s enemies. I know who you are, Leaf Fuguri, because I believe in you. I believe in what you and the Resistance are doing.”

“But we must fight,” Leaf said with regret.

“Because we both have something to fight for,” Koga shared the disappointment. “All my life I have wished to join the Elite Four and eventually become Champion. At first it was to impress my beloved father, a hero. Now, I yearn to impress my beautiful daughter, Janine.”

“I understand,” Leaf said and smiled.

“But some things are more important.” Koga broke eye contact for the first time and sunk his gaze to look at the wooden flooring. “You can save Kanto. A region I have fought for and lived in my entire life. A nation where I wish my child and my future grandchildren to grow old and happy within.” Koga looked back to her. “I cannot surrender, my pride forbids it.” The man suddenly clasped three of the six Pokeballs on his belt and rolled them across the room towards the desks. “I will purposely lose to you, Leaf. But I will go down fighting. On two conditions that I already know you will accept.”

“Go on,” Leaf said softly towards her foe.

“Firstly,” he began. “If Janine ever returns to Kanto, or you Resistance ever take the fight to Johto, I ask that you protect her. She is a powerful trainer but still, I worry like a father will.”

“Gladly,” Leaf said. “And the second?”

“You win, Leaf Fuguri,” Koga snarled. “You win this tournament and you save our region!”

Leaf nodded then went to remove three of the Pokeballs from her belt to match her opponent but he checked her with a held hand and a sharp and firm “no”.

“If I were young I’d fight Rocket alongside you but alas my age has defeated me. Those three Pokeballs that I threw away contain two poison types and a psychic type which would be strong against anyone who uses my own game against me. The three on my belt are the poisonous Arbok. A counter to poison types in Sandslash and my plan b, Machamp. If my cunning and speed are matched then I switch to my Machamp’s physical strength.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Leaf enquired.

“To ensure your victory,” Koga said with a wry smile. “Know thy enemy,” he said once more. “I am not only fighting you because of pride but because if Team Rocket know I outright surrendered to you then they’d punish me and I still wish to live until the day I hold my first grandchild.”

“I understand,” Leaf said and clasped Sap’s Pokeball. “Ready?”

“Before you were even born.” Koga smiled ferociously like a warrior entering the battlefield. He appeared to enjoy battles as much as he ever did and released his Arbok to battle with

Leaf’s Vileplume who bowed using the plant atop his head towards her opponent in an attempt to unsettle it.

As fast as lightning the Arbok lashed out and bit at Sap again and again at speeds Leaf’s Pokemon was unable to keep up with. Jaws laced with venom nipped at the Vileplume who attempted to release spores into the air but the tenacity and swiftness of the repeated strikes rendered him helpless and unable to fight off Koga’s Pokemon.

“Use the flower as a shield,” Leaf hastily advised her friend who replied by lowering the plant amidst the attacks and leaving the Arbok to strike the poisonous petals instead. Any other Pokemon who consumed part of the Vileplume’s plant would ingest toxins into their system but the Arbok seemed to only be strengthened by the poison and Koga’s Pokemon’s nibbles turned to full bites at an unrelenting pace.

“No!” Leaf scream as Sap weakened and then fell to the attacks causing the bond between trainer and Pokemon to sever in a painful tear. “I thought you were letting me win?” she asked Koga who glared at her.

“If you cannot best me, even though I’ve told you the Pokemon I’m using and why,” he responded sternly. “How can you hope to become Champion?” His words stung Leaf like his Arbok striking.

“You’re right,” she conceded and allowed his words to heighten her own resolve. “I must give this my all.” Leaf reached to her belt and pulled Spurt’s Pokeball from it and released the water type onto the wooden floor. Her Horsea hobbled around the flooring looking somewhat uncomfortable out of the water and merely bounced on his tail.

The Arbok struck again like a bolt of lightning but whereas Sap was almost immobile due to the giant plant, Spurt was able to hop around the blow and respond by blasting water from his spout which struck Koga’s Pokemon with ferocity and caused the poison-type to recoil. Whilst the Arbok was recovering Spurt tried a new attack and released a stream of bubbles which shot towards his foe like a beam. Once the bubbles had reached the Arbok they exploded like water bombs which caused Koga’s Pokemon to wince upon the surprisingly powerful explosions and some of the projectiles even managed to enter his mouth and get inside his system where they wreaked havoc within.

“Go Spurt!” Leaf shouted to her Horsea who whinnied then hopped on the spot triumphantly as the Arbok fell.

“Intriguing,” Koga observed. “I’ve never seen a Pokemon defeated by bubbles before.”

“Spurt come back,” Leaf called to her Horsea, seeing her Pokemon exhausted by the efforts of his first battle. “Let’s see what Heiko can go now he’s evolved,” she spoke of her Flareon who faced up to a Sandslash. Koga’s newest fighter had yellow skin protected by a tough hide topped with sharp brown quills used to defend himself. On the offense, the ground-type would use the large claws affixed to both hands and both feet which were like swords.

Koga’s Pokemon moved with speed and agility to match Heiko’s and the two were locked in a standoff awaiting the other’s attack. The Flareon hesitated then shot a ball of fire towards the Sandslash who used its claws to swipe the flames from the air then leapt at the exposed Heiko. Leaf’s Pokemon ducked from the sharp claws then spun to unleash more flames, but once again the embers were simply swept aside by the Sandslash.

Leaf watched Koga who stood with his arms folded and a full focus on the battle which unfolded before him. She struggled to see underneath his calm demeanor and find out what he was thinking so switched her own attentions back to Heiko who had just received a firm blow from the Sandslash’s quills as he tried tackling his foe. The Sandslash leapt again with claws raised then rained down terror on the Flareon by slashing at Heiko with sword-like claws.

“Come back,” Leaf said weakly. “Heiko, back here!” she called louder a second time, her Pokemon was losing and losing badly. The Flareon looked back to her defiantly such was his eagerness to prove himself but upon narrowly avoiding another potentially lethal slash he sprinted back towards Leaf who recalled Heiko to his Pokeball and released Club in his place.

The Cubone stood motionless for a few seconds whilst grasping the bone club in her grip. She dipped her head and Leaf knew he was thinking of the loneliness and longing which filled her like water filled the ocean. Club had lost her mother within Pokemon Tower to Team Rocket and had only ventured from her home with Leaf in a quest to exact revenge upon her mother’s killers. Her mother had been a Marowak, the evolved form of Cubone, and for Club to reach this stage he would have to overcome her grief and fully begin the path of vengeance.

Koga’s Sandslash went first, slashing with claws which the Cubone span her club to parry the strikes. Club then slammed her head against the Sandslash using the power of the skull she wore then span on the spot. She then attempted to whack her foe with the club but it was the Sandslash’s turn to parry the blow then hit Club with a riposte, slashing the Cubone with claws..

“Stay strong,” Leaf begged her Pokemon who staggered backwards upon receiving the blow, but her Cubone winced in pain and crouched to the floor, using the bone club to support her. “Don’t let your grief destroy you,” Leaf spoke to her friend. Whilst inside Pokemon Tower the Cubone was spurred on by fighting against the people who had destroyed her life, she now struggled to maintain the willpower she needed to succeed.

“Finish this,” Koga said and nodded to his Sandslash who scraped his claws against each other to sharpen them for the killing blow then leapt towards its foe. Club used the bone to haul herself back to her feet then turned away the Sandslash’s attack with her club but the ground type swiftly recovered and spun with agility to slash at the Cubone and send Club sprawling across the wooden floor.

Leaf looked away and waited for the soul tearing blow which never came. She returned her gaze to the battlefield and saw Club holding onto her life whilst the Sandslash marched up to his foe to apply the final strike.

“Are you going to fall now, Club?” Leaf shouted. “Are you going to fall some irrelevant place before you’ve taken your revenge on Team Rocket?” The Cubone seemed to almost sigh at her words as if all hope had been extinguished and the Sandslash pulled back his claws ready to dig them into its foe and finish the fight. “The only way to avenge your mother is to move on from her death,” Leaf tried once last time. “You can’t be in her clutches anymore. But you’re not alone, we’re in this together Club. The only way we can both take down Team Rocket is if you accept your mother is gone and find your own way to avenge her, together with me.” Club looked from the Sandslash’s lowering lethal claws to Leaf then nodded. The claws hit their target but instead of penetrating the Cubone they instead were thrown back by a bright white light which had engulfed her.

A Marowak emerged. The skull Club had worn on her head had now melded onto her, becoming part of her. As had the bone club which had now stretched in size and slenderness. Her eyes had turned from an innocent green to a vengeful red and her frame had increased in bulk. Club nodded once again towards Leaf then turned on her opponent.

“You continue to both impress and intrigue,” Koga said to Leaf although his eyes remained firmly fixed on the battle. His Sandslash used claws to parry the first few strikes of the Marowak’s bone club but was unable to withstand the unrelenting assaults from Club. She eventually broke her opponent’s guard and clobbered Koga’s Pokemon until it lay defeated. Then Club herself collapsed from exhaustion.

“Time for my final fighter,” Koga announced seemingly unpreturbed that he was now losing heavily. “My Machamp,” he continued and released the enormous beast into his old Gym.

The fighting type stood just a few inches shorter than its trainer but had more bulk than any human could ever dream of. Four enormous arms sprouted from a bulging chest with two on each side and were matched by two legs swollen by muscle as teal skin stretched across his well defined body.

“I’m gonna need a bigger Pokemon,” Leaf groaned and took Belly’s Pokeball from her belt to release the Snorlax. Koga’s Pokemon moved swiftly and lashed out at its opponent with a punch which Belly caught in his paw. The Machamp punched with another fist and once again the Snorlax grabbed the coming blow but was unable to resist the fighting type’s two other arms which landed a barrage of blows upon Leaf’s Pokemon.

“Stay strong,” she squeaked as Belly withstood punches like meteor strikes. The Machamp stopped to recuperate after expending a plentiful amount of energy in his assault to allow the Snorlax a chance to counter. Belly replied with an attack that held the force of ten of the Machamp’s punches. He held his enormous stomach in his hands then charged towards his opponent and slammed the fat into the Machamp who fell over from the power of the strike. Leaf’s Pokemon collapsed upon his foe and attempted to suffocate Koga’s fighter as he had done with Courtney’s Poliwrath.

“How ungraceful,” Koga muttered and shook his head. “But whatever works, works,” he finished whilst watching his Pokemon squirm underneath the layers of fat piled upon him. Then, to Leaf’s dismay, Belly began to be slowly lifted into the air. She guessed her Snorlax weighed at least five or six times the weight of a large man but here he was being hoisted upwards by the Machamp’s four muscular arms.

“My turn to be impressed,” Leaf said to Koga and watched his Machamp escape a lethal tomb of flab. Both Pokemon returned to their feet and it was the fighting type who moved fastest, using his front two arms in a downward motion in a move like a cross-chop. Belly once again caught the initial strike but this time was wise to the follow-up and pushed his opponent back with a kick. The Machamp staggered backwards and Leaf’s Snorlax took the opportunity to slam his forehead into his foe then continue the assault by landing a few punches of his own.

“This is it then,” Koga conceded as his Machamp slumped to his knees and Belly took a few backwards steps then launched into a sprint which was more of a fast walk. The Snorlax used a leap top propel himself off of his feet, spreading his arms out in a dive then the master of poison watched as his Machamp was crushed by Leaf’s Pokemon’s enormous stomach.

“I lay defeated and out of the tournament,” Koga said. “I place my faith in you, Leaf Fuguri, and your Resistance. To liberate our Kanto from the tyrannical Team Rocket and once again return peace and freedom to our region.”

“I will do,” Leaf said as Belly celebrated at his victory by using his hands to pound his belly like a drum. “I promise you that, Koga.”

“I wonder,” Leaf spoke as she twirled the moon-shaped stone betwixt her fingers. Evening had fallen across Kanto and the last of the sun’s rays lit up Fuchsia City’s southern beach whilst the sea settled calmly as it awaited the darkness that night would bring. “What happens if I use this on you,” she said to the newest addition to her team, Stomp. The Nidorino purred towards her as if he accepted the stone. She had seen Courtney use exactly the same shaped rock on a Nidorino before and the beast had transformed into a Nidoking. She hoped it would work the same for her.

Leaf pressed the alien rock against Stomp who was then taken by the white light then was released from the brightness as a Nidoking. The poison type stood a head shorter than her but was covered in armour and weaponry and would hopefully appear intimidating to her future opponents. He roared triumphantly at his evolution.

“Good,” a familiar voice called from behind her. “That shall prove useful.” Leaf turned to see Ethan approaching and he was once again flanked by two Servants, one trimmed with orange and the other with turquoise.

“Ethan,” Leaf greeted him. “Whats up?”

“We’re ready,” he said happily. “A small pocket of us Servants still hunt for the last Angel but the majority of our flock now awaits you and I,” he said with a beaming grin.

“Awaits us for what?” Leaf asked.

“Phone up all your Resistance friends.” Ethan’s smile threatened to take over his entire face at the rate it was growing. “And get them all to meet us in Saffron City.”

“You haven’t?” Leaf gasped.

“Oh we have my friend. Finally,” he said and watched Leaf reach for her PokeNav to phone Blue and inform him to meet her and the Servant’s assault force in Saffron City ready to strike at the heart of their enemy.

“Blue,” Leaf said hurriedly to her friend once he answered. “We’ve found it.”

“Found what?” Blue said.

“Rocket’s headquarters. Saffron City. We have an army to strike at them. Courtney and Silver and Erik and Archer should all be inside. This is it Blue. This is everything we’ve been building for. The battle to decide the fate of Kanto!”