All Out War

Chapter Fourteen – All Out War

A hush swept over Kanto’s capital city. Civilians barred and locked the doors to their homes and hid within to peer out windows and watch the forthcoming violence. It felt like the calm before a storm which would shake the entire world and decide the fates of all involved. Darkness had fallen across the region and Saffron City was lit up by streetlights which poured illumination along the gathered ranks of Servants and Team Rocket warriors.

“Cold, isn’t it,” Leaf spoke for the first time in a few minutes. She stood side by side with Ethan and Blue as the trio surveyed the battleground from atop a building which overlooked the two armies.

“A chill evening,” Ethan said as a wind whipped his golden cloak. “I smell rain.”

“I smell battle,” Leaf added and looked to Blue next to her who just gulped and remained suspiciously silent.

“When will the rest of the Resistance forces be arriving,” Ethan asked the two of them.

“We are the Resistance,” Leaf said and laughed without humour. “Blue and I are all that remains.” It was Ethan’s turn to gulp and turn to silence. He had obviously thought a sizable number of Resistance fighters would bolster his own ranks which numbered in the high twenties. His Servants now stood in Robes trimmed with a plethora of colours and lined the streets so that Leaf could almost taste the nervous tension in the air which emanated from both forces.

“So,” Ethan began then stopped as he struggled to find his next words. He eyed the opposing force who stood in a long line outside of the enormous tower known as “Silph Company Tower”, Team Rocket’s main base of operations with Giovanni’s former offices and meeting rooms residing on the top level. Leaf counted fifteen Rocket grunts on foot who all clasped Pokeballs in their hands and a further five in the same battlesuits which she had encountered within Viridian Forest.

“Evenly matched,” she said.

“Those machines appear menacing,” Ethan said and sighed.

“I’ve fought them before. They have a power unit on the back which is slightly exposed. That’s their weakness.”

“I shall inform the flock.”

“That’s Erik’s old house,” Blue suddenly entered the conversation and pointed to a building on the same street. “The one he grew up in.”

“Fascinating,” Ethan replied before Leaf could speak. “That’s opposite our way in.”

“Our way in?” Leaf said. “The front door is our way in, isn’t it?” She received a wry smile in response from Ethan.

“Our flock will engage upon my command,” he said proudly. “But act merely as a decoy. A distraction to our true purpose. You two and I shall enter through a secret escape passage carved into the basement of the building opposite your ‘Erik’s house’ and follow the tunnels through to within Silph Company Tower.” Leaf remarked the building named ‘Taylor’s Pokemon Accessories’ and winced as she realised that Giovanni and Rocket must’ve been keeping an eye on Erik his whole life.

“How do you know all this?” Blue asked of Ethan.

“An informant on the inside. And no, not the Servant.”

“Who then?” Leaf said.

“Sometimes we must keep secrets even from our allies,” Ethan replied then rummaged around his robe’s pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. “Our leader apologises for not present today,” he continued and held out the capsule to Leaf. “She offers you this Pokemon as a goodwill present instead. A Lapras.” Leaf took the Pokeball and decided to name the water type Pokemon ‘Loch’, then watched the Pokeball zap into thin air as it disappeared into Storage once the Pokemon’s allegiance had changed hands.

“Thank you,” Leaf said then turned her gaze back towards the Rocket grunts who patiently awaited the Servants to make the first move.

“Let us begin,” Ethan said and moved up to the edge of the rooftop where they stood. “My devoted flock,” he bellowed out to the Servants who had thus far awaited his command to begin the war. “The final piece of the puzzle which will free Him awaits within this cursed place! If we win today then He will grant us passage to paradise! Those machines the grunts house themselves inside have but one weakness. An exposed power conductor laid upon the rear of the demonic monster. Break them and burst within the tower where we shall join you within. Do this, my flock, and paradise will await you! Go now! To war!” he finished to a blood-curdling roar from his followers who released a legion of various Pokemon into the streets. The battle had begun.

The ruckus and chaotic chimes of war resounded above the narrow tunnel which was lit up dimly by Blue’s Chameleon’s tail as the fire type led the way. Water dripped from the pipes which ran along the roof and walls of the passageway carved through stone like veins leading into the heart of Team Rocket, Silph Company Tower. A musty smell added to the damp atmosphere as Leaf once again stepped into a shallow puddle
, causing Blue to laugh at her misfortune.

“Keep going,” Ethan said from the rear of the trio who trekked anxiously through the ancient passage.

“I’m trying,” Leaf snapped back and had to step over a piece of fallen rock.

“She’s always moaning,” Blue said with a laugh.

“You’ve perked up,” Leaf snapped once again. “Not mopey and miserable now then?”

“You always cheer me up,” Blue said almost sweetly to which Leaf smiled. “When you’re here, I know there’s someone even worse off than I am!” He received a scowl in response.

“Always the smarty pants,” Leaf thought then smiled again once she saw light protruding from what seemed to be the end of the tunnel. “There!” she said to her two allies who followed her closely.

“He shall be praised!” Ethan said with delight. They had trekked for only a few minutes, but that short amount of time must’ve seemed like hours and Leaf knew the owner of the shop, Taylor, must’ve regained consciousness by now and be on her way to warn Rocket of their approach.

“What do you think is waiting for us?” Leaf asked once they approached the light and saw a mechanical room welcoming them packed full of electrical instruments, conductors, pipes, generators, switches, cables and more.

“A spa bath and massage,” Blue replied. “Maybe a warm dinner. Oh and a-”

“Shut up,” Leaf snapped. “Looks like a maintenance room.”

“A plant room,” Ethan corrected her. “That’s what my man on the inside says anyway.”

“Who is this ‘man’, anyway?” Leaf said.

“A Servant,” Ethan said proudly.

“His name,” Leaf said more forcefully.

“She relinquished her name when she joined us,” Ethan said with a bright smile. They had entered the plant room now which was devoid of any Rocket operatives. Leaf thought that they must all be too busy fighting off the Servants.

“She?” Blue said then chuckled. “You’ve been saying ‘your man’?”

“We don’t distinguish our flock by gender.”

“So what was her name?” Leaf pressed although she was unsure why. Maybe knowing their helper by name would ease the tension that gripped her heart. She stood with her allies at basement level and the only way to proceed was by a staircase she initially thought to be unguarded. Upon closer inspection however, she spotted a figure cloaked by shadows. Someone had indeed been waiting for them.

“Kris,” Ethan answered her earlier question unaware of the figure’s presence.

“Oak named you Blue for the colour of your pretty little eyes,” the figure spoke, the voice feminine.

“What?” Blue and Leaf spoke in unison. Blue through surprise, Leaf through confusion.

“A welcoming host,” Ethan spoke cheerfully. “And we are to be your guests?”

“No no no,” the figure spoke and clearly waggled a finger. “Just Bluey-boy.”

“Courtney,” Leaf growled, recognising who it was who had spoken.

“No!” The Rocket leader stamped a foot in frustration. “How did you know?” She exited the shadows atop the stairs and held out a hand to Blue. “Come on boy,” she spoke softly. “Leave these two losers and come upstairs.”

“And why would I do a thing like that?” Blue said confidently and released his entire team of Pokemon. An Alakazam, the psychic typed final evolution of Abra, stood next to his Charmeleon with a Pidgeot hovering above. An Exeggcute, five pink coloured eggs who had psychic abilities, rolled around the floor, and an enormous Gyarados who roared at Courtney.

“Ooh,” Courtney squealed and bounced. “Another Gyarados! I likey, I like!”

“Time to finish this,” Leaf said and released her team.

“Wait…You’re not coming with me are you?” Upon realising that, Courtney turned to flee up the stairs but not before a horde of Pokemon streamed from the darkened entrance to protect her. Raticate, Rattata, Koffing, Grimer, Muk, Golbat and Zubat all swarmed the room.

“Ready?” Leaf nodded to Blue.


Leaf looked to Ethan who calmly stood and watched as the slaughter began. He listened to the sound of his Servants doing battle with the Rocket battlesuits and operatives outside and she remarked he used no Pokemon himself but simply observed the fight unfolding before him. Club moved like she was possessed by a vengeful spirit, leaving swathes of defeated Pokemon in her path as she screamed vengeance. Spurt led the charge alongside her, mowing down opposition Pokemon with powerful blasts of water and exploding bubbles. But most surprising was Heiko’s sudden aptitude for battle. The Flareon tore through Rocket Pokemon like a hot knife went through butter. Wally’s former Pokemon was fuelled by a desire to avenge his fallen master and best friend and fought as if Wally himself still commanded him.

“This is for you, Wally,” Leaf thought. It was a massacre, but the war for Silph Company Tower had only just begun.

Hordes of Pokemon fell to the Resistance in the plant room as Leaf and Blue combined their strength and yet more creatures fell like rain during a storm in the entrance hall where the Servants and Rocket did battle.

“To think,” Ethan spoke. “These Pokemon, so loyal, so ready to follow us into battle. And for what? To fall at our hands in a war that is meaningless to them.”

The trio looked through an open glass window that overlooked the hall. They had ascended many staircases and Leaf felt sweat pouring down her face and dampening her skin. Rocket grunts and Pokemon had thrown themselves defiantly at her and Blue’s Pokemon but all had fallen in their defence of Silph Company Tower. Heiko and Club had especially impressed Leaf, as had Stomp the Nidoking, but Ethan’s words stung her like a Beedrill’s tail. There was no denying the truth in his speech.

“Yet it’s the only way,” the Servant continued. “For our sins we don’t suffer half as much as our Pokemon do. As our friends do.”

“Rocket’s sins,” Leaf corrected him. “We do this because we must.” She looked to her team who all eagerly awaited her next command. They were obedient to the end, ready to follow her wherever she may lead them without question.

“Razzo!” Courtney sang from the top of the stairs. “It means Rocket, you know!” She had taunted and teased the trio their entire way up with songs and insults. Mainly aimed at Blue.

“Can’t wait to push her back down these stairs,” Blue said darkly.

“My name is Razzo,” Courtney continued. “It means Rocket oh don’t you know!”

“What’s so important about the name Razzo?” Leaf asked Ethan who shrugged his shoulders.

“Did you know it means Rocket?” Blue replied. “Can’t remember who I heard that from though.” Leaf noticed that despite his confident demeanour, something was upsetting her friend.

“Who is Sakaki?” Leaf called up to Courtney as she recalled Wally’s final words.

“Sakaki is Giovanni and he is dead!” Courtney responded and laughed hysterically.

“Sakaki?” Ethan asked then Blue said something that shocked them both.

“There’s been something I’ve been keeping from you, Leaf.”

“What’s that?” she replied with surprise.

“You’ll find out when we reach the top.”

“Why have you kept secrets?” she said, half shocked, half angry.

“You’ll find out when we reach the top,” he repeated and turned to silence.

“Is it why you’ve been acted so strange recently?” she asked, remembering how sullen and quiet Blue had been since Wally’s death. Then thought that surely if Blue had been present at the poisoning, he would know the meaning to Wally’s final words. “I thought you were just shocked at Wally’s death,” she said as much to herself as to him.

“Look,” Ethan said and pointed to the scene of two Servant’s Pokemon, a Geodude and a Beedrill, destroying a battlesuit by attacking the power unit at its rear. The suit exploded to a huge cheer from the seven Servants who remained.

“Let’s go,” Blue said sternly and looked up the stairs to where Courtney hung her head over a rail and waved to them.

“His name is Blue,” she sang. “And his name is Oak,” she continued as Leaf began the charge up the stairwell. “And he’s in for such a shock you’ll all choke!” she finished and began fleeing to where the staircase ended. A level below the meeting room on the top floor, Ethan had told them. Where surely Silver and the other Rocket leaders awaited them.

“Don’t let them through,” Courtney sang to a host of seven grunts who guarded the far end of the wide, open hallway. “Or maybe do. But it will be the end of you.”

“Out of the way,” Leaf snarled to the seven. “Or you’ll regret it!”

“No no no,” Courtney said. “They’ll regret moving.” The Rocket grunts looked to one another with confused expressions. Leaf saw the doubt in their faces, their comrades were still battling the Servants downstairs with more and more grunts being forced into the reception hall to hold off the onslaught leaving Blue, Leaf and Ethan a relatively clear pathway to the senior levels of Silph Company Tower.

“Enough games, Courtney,” Leaf said. “These seven will just slow us, not stop us. Surrender now.”

“Never!” Courtney screeched and ran up a stairwell behind the grunts to disappear up onto the highest level of the tower.

“Hold them,” one of the grunts called out. He featured thinning purple hair and goatee with a face that reminded Leaf of a weasel. “I am Executive Petrel,” he said to the Leaf, Blue and Ethan. “And I will hold you here until our forces crush yours down below and join us to eliminate you in a pincer attack.”

“Nice plan,” Blue said. “Thanks for telling us.” Dino roared to try and intimidate the seven grunts who didn’t so much as flinch, they were clearly all well trained and vastly experienced.

“Ariana, Proton flank left,” Pretel ordered his colleagues. “Carl and Grey go right.” The four ordered high ranking Rocket members followed his commands obediently with Pokeballs in hand. “Sham and Kris stay with me. All of you now release your fighters and hold this room!”

“Ready?” Leaf asked of Ethan and Blue who watched the Rocket executives and admins release a score of Raticate, Weezing, Muk, Golbat, Arbok. A Vileplume was also released by who Leaf assumed was Ariana. Kris, who had teal eyes and the same coloured hair tied up in two pigtails, released two Mankey, a Beedrill and a Raticate.

“Certainly,” Ethan replied to her and released a Pokemon of his own for the first time, a Golem. The rock type was just that, a boulder that stood just shorter than its trainer and sprouted two brown arms and legs tipped with sharp claws and a small head with angry crimson eyes.

“This is it,” Blue said. Leaf was unsure whether he spoke to her or just himself but noted the apprehension shaking his body.

Leaf had expected a nervous standoff between the two warring groups where each Pokemon taunted another or waiting anxiously for an opponent or ally to make the first move. Club had shattered that thought however and was closely followed by Heiko as Leaf’s Pokemon began their vengeful charge with Spurt lagging behind.

Club swatted aside a Golbat who plunged to meet him then swiped at an Arbok’s lethal bite. Heiko launched spheres of fire towards a floating Weezing then rammed into a Raticate who had charged towards him. Spurt shot exploding bubbles towards flying Golbat whilst two Raticate attempted to flank him. Stomp held Leaf’s left flank from Carl and Grey’s Pokemon and Belly her right from Ariana and Proton whilst Dino whipped vines towards any flying or floating Pokemon that attempted to approach from above.

Leaf saw that Kris’s Pokemon had held back and guarded the three Rocket members who stood blocking the passage to the stairs, much to Petrel’s noticeable fury as he clearly chided her for the decision.

“Exact divine retribution upon our foes!” Ethan roared to his Golem who had begun a wrestling match with two Raticate, one in each arm, and was winning. Leaf noticed Blue trembling beside her as he watched his Pokemon. His Alakazam shot unseen psychic attacks towards the Rocket Pokemon who collapsed once their minds had been severely fried from within. His Pidgeot led a lone aerial charge against a group of Golbats and his Gyarados took the centre of the room and used bites and water blasts against any opponents who dared approach. Leaf had lost sight of the five small eggs named collectively as Exeggcute but saw Blue’s Charmeleon joining Spurt, Club and Heiko on the front lines.

Club batted away another poisonous strike by an Arbok and span his bone club around then wedged it between a Raticate’s open jaws, the Rocket Pokemon having had tried to chomp down upon his bone skull. Heiko burst roaring flames into the Raticate’s open mouth then turned sharply to avoid a swooping Golbat and rolled to avoid a spit of sludge from a Muk. Spurt blasted a spray of water at the Golbat who had tried to strike Heiko and the liquid collided with the creature and caused it to fall from the sky where Club then pummelled it into submission. Blue’s Charmeleon dealt with the Muk who had targeted Heiko, using a flamethrower which erupted from inside the pit of his stomach and escaped from his mouth.

Leaf turned to see Stomp pluck a Weezing from the air and slam it into the ground then use his sharp and poisonous horn to pierce a Raticate who had leapt at him. Belly and Ethan’s Golem teamed up on the other side and seemed to have a competition over who could outwrestle the most Rocket Pokemon. Leaf saw Arianna’s Vileplume fall to a combination of Blue’s Alakazam’s psychic attacks and the emerging Exeggcute shooting out seeds like bullets at the exposed foe.

Then she felt it. The sharp and agonising pain of losing a Pokemon.

Leaf clutched her heart and looked to the battlefield. There was no sound other than the roar of war that filled the room, no death calling screeches or painful cries, just the din of mass battle. She looked to Dino first and saw her Venusaur slapping a Golbat who approached Leaf with a vine. Then quickly flicked from Stomp to Belly and saw both wrestling with Rocket Pokemon.

“Heiko,” she gasped suddenly. The Resistance’s vanguard of Club, Charmeleon, Heiko and Spurt had been lost from her vision, hidden by Gyarados and a plethora of Rocket Pokemon.

“No,” Blue cried out suddenly from beside her. “No please no!” She looked to what he had seen and felt the air escape her lungs and her heart stop. Heiko lay prone on the floor, injured and weak but alive. Next to him lay the defeated Spurt, the Horsea having been the one who Leaf had now lost. Blue’s Charmeleon had collapsed holding a pain in his side, a large cut had appeared from where a Rocket Pokemon had slashed him. All that remained of the vanguard was now Club who swatted aside Pokemon after Pokemon, refusing to be defeated. They were being swarmed from all sides. Petrel’s tactic had worked, Proton and Carl’s Pokemon had been split into two, half to battle the Gyarados and half to surrounded the Resistance’s forward four fighters. Grey and Sham had attacked Leaf, Blue and Ethan from both sides whilst Petrel and Sham crushed them from the centre. The only reason they hadn’t yet been defeated was Club’s final stand.

“Keep going!” Leaf roared to her Marowak. “Keep fighting. Not just for your mother. Not just for your vengeance. But for us. For your friends. We’re all in this together!” Club span around to generate more power in her bone club and whacked a Raticate in the jaw then moved to cut off a Muk who had approached the failing Heiko. She took a running jump over the Muk and rammed his club into it then leapt to the aid of the Flareon once more. But failed to stop an Arbok from getting to Blue’s Charmeleon.

“No!” Blue howled and turned to Leaf in his desperation. “Look. I know I’m not the greatest of guys and sometimes I’ve been a bit, you know, mean to you. But you’ll understand why soon. I promise. I just can’t lose my mate out there.” He turned to look back to his Charmeleon who was now wrapped in the Arbok’s embrace. The poison type had coiled it’s long but powerful body around Blue’s Pokemon and began to choke the life from him.

“Thought you didn’t care?” Leaf said, a little too coldly. She hadn’t meant the words to come out so harshly.

“He’s my friend,” Blue said weakly. His Charmeleon looked back towards him. He had once been owned by Erik but since his former trainer had been captured the Charmeleon had become both loyal and close to Blue. “Probably my only real friend.” Blue finished and watched his only friend falter then drop his head. Then become engulfed in a bright light which took the room.

Leaf shielded her eyes and heard shouts from Petrel that she hadn’t expected to hear. He was calling for all the Rocket executives and admins to return to his side for a final stand. But one evolution couldn’t have caused the tides of battle to turn. The light faded and a Charizard screeched. The fire type had become a dragon, with wings and a flame-lit tail and breathed fire upon the retreating Rocket Pokemon who had been caught in a pincer.

“Sorry!” Kris said to Petrel. Her Pokemon had used the evolution to switch sides and attacked Sham and Petrel’s fighters from the rear but even with the added support, the battle was still evenly matched.

“You know what!” a shrill voice called from the top of the stairs. Courtney was returning. “I can’t do it. I just can’t.”

“Get back upstairs!” Petrel shouted to her. “We’re losing ground. Get to safety!”

“Excuse me!” Courtney shrieked whilst Kris’s Beedrill fell in battle to a Golbat, swiftly followed by her Raticate being defeated by an Arbok. “Did you just try to order me around?!”

“We need you to be safe Lady Courtney,” Petrel said, the feud distracting him from the battle.

“Well that won’t do. Not at all,” Courtney snarled at him. “But then again. I just can’t hold in my excitement of Blue boy and Leafy girl coming up here.” She released a team of six elite Pokemon from her own belt: A Crobat, the evolved form of Golbat. Two Ninetales, a Nidoqueen, a Weezing and a Muk.

“We don’t need the support as much as you need to protect herself!” Petrel still protested.

“Shut up,” Courtney hissed then commanded her Pokemon to turn on their Rocket allies. Her pair of Ninetales spewed flame and her Weezing moved over to the Rocket executives and self destructed. The Muk launched poisonous sludge towards Rocket members and Pokemon and the Crobat soared above and cut through any flying types attempting to escape the deathly flames, explosion and poison. Her Nidoqueen stood by and guarded her. Kris, Petrel and Sham were caught in the attack, as were all their Pokemon. The other executives fled and took their Pokemon with them whilst Blue’s Gyarados was joined by Loch the Lapras, a huge blue beast who resembled a sea dinosaur with a shell upon its back, in spraying the growing flames with water to quench the fires.

“My Lord,” Ethan managed a whisper.

“Why,” Leaf gasped. “They were her allies. Why?” she asked of Courtney who had just turned on her friends.

“She’s insane,” Blue said amidst Courtney’s howls of laughter.

After a few minutes the fires died with the assistance of Loch and Gyarados’s water blasts and Courtney had disappeared back upstairs. The shock of her actions had stunned Leaf, Blue and Ethan into silence. Proton and Ariana had managed to escape and Leaf had initially thought that Carl and Grey had joined them but Courtney’s Crobat had seen to them and they now lay strewn across the floor. Kris, Sham and Petrel had all fallen to either the flames or explosions or poison, Leaf was unsure which.

“Kris was such a sweet girl,” Ethan said solemnly. “Such a sweet girl.”

“Let’s take Courtney down once and for all!” Leaf growled and looked to Blue who’s face had turned pale and his body quivered like a leaf in a breeze. Although, he didn’t stare at the horror that had befallen the battlefield, but at the stairs that led to the top floor.

“Let’s go,” he said then gulped having noticed Leaf’s gaze upon him. The trio walked cautiously towards the staircase and heard the dying embers of battle below them and the clanking of battlesuits racing up the stairwell that the trio had initially climbed to reach this level. That meant the Servants had been either pushed back or defeated and that the Rocket army was now coming for them.

Leaf quickened her pace and began to climb the staircase which led into a narrow corridor that widened slightly at the end where it led to a single, wooden door which was marked “Meeting Room”. Paintings hung along the hallway and other wooden doors with signs denoting which office they led to.

“Welcome,” Courtney greeted them from aside the wooden door. “To the top level.”

“You!” Leaf said savagely. “How could you?!”

“They were fodder and I was the cannon,” Courtney said then winked to Leaf.

“I should kill you here and now and end this!” Leaf approached Courtney with a raised fist, Ethan and Blue in close tow.

“You should, you should!” Courtney bounced excitedly. “But not yet! Oh no not yet!”

“Give me one reason why not.” Leaf grabbed Courtney and pinned her to the wall to receive hysterical laughter in return.

“Because of what awaits us within,” Blue said glumly.

“Should we come up?” a mechanical voice called from below. The battlesuits had reached the bottom of the stairs.

“No no no!” Courtney shouted down then giggled. “Definitely not! I want them to go in! Stay there and cut off their escape!”

“What’s inside?” Leaf asked, suddenly calmer as fear gripped her.

“Destiny. Fate. Love. Hate,” Courtney replied and winked again. She held out a hand to beckon them inside.

“Ready?” Leaf asked Blue and Ethan and expected Blue’s usual cocky reply.

“Let’s see what awaits us,” Ethan said and Leaf turned to Blue and saw tears in his eyes.

“No,” he said. A thousand thoughts of what could be inside raced through Leaf’s head. Was it Silver? Was it a trap? Was it Erik? What could it be? She pushed open the door.

Light trickled into the room from a large window at the far end which overlooked Saffron City. A marble table filled almost the entirety of the room and was topped by empty crystal wine glasses and champagne flutes. Expensive leather chairs sat empty at the side of the marble and paintings of Giovanni, of Team Rocket and of Archer hung along the two walls which flanked the room’s sides. But it was the figure which loomed at the far end of the room, caked in light which swam in through the glass where the man stood, that the Resistance had come to see.

“No,” Leaf gasped. “It can’t be. Not you.”

“Hello,” he spoke with a calm voice. His dark eyes judged all three of them then fixed on Blue who now had a lone tear rolling down his cheek. “So you know?” he asked Blue.

“I know,” Blue squeaked. “I know that wasn’t you. It was Sakaki, your twin brother.”

“I’ve waited so long for this,” the man replied and smiled towards Blue. Leaf had seen the man’s fake smile so many times on television but this was different, this smile was genuine. Courtney slammed the door shut behind them and left the trio alone with the man who held out a hand towards Blue. She had left them alone with Giovanni. But it wasn’t just the fact that he was still alive and the man who had been poisoned was his twin brother, Sakaki. It was the final part of Wally’s last words which caused shockwaves to scream through her because of what Blue and Giovanni said next. “Welcome home, Kai,” Giovanni said to Blue.

“Kai?” Leaf thought and left the word unspoken. She had no idea what the name meant but it was Blue’s reply which caused the hairs on her neck to stand on end, her heart to stop and her lungs to close up. Just two words changed everything, the world and what she knew. What it meant and what was going to happen. She turned to Blue and heard him say it.

“Hello father.”