Challenger: Return to Kanto

“Challenger: Return to Kanto”
Game Used: Pokemon: Fire Red Version

War rages between Kanto and Johto with Team Rocket and their leader Giovanni secretly holding the former region within their corrupt and oppressive grasp. The common people see the criminal mastermind as a heroic saviour but two minor factions in Kanto know the truth. The Rocket Resistance led by Erik, Leaf, Blue and Wally must form an alliance with the mysterious ‘Servants’ as they vie to expose and overthrow Giovanni’s tyrannical rule knowing that certain defeat and failure awaits them.


Chapter One – Rocket Resistance
Chapter Two – Announcement
Chapter Three – A New Leaf
Chapter Four – Metal Monster
Chapter Five – Identity
Chapter Six – Expedition
Chapter Seven – Bill’s Fortress
Chapter Eight – Rescue
Chapter Nine – Silver and Stone
Chapter Ten – The Incident
Chapter Eleven – Negotiation
Chapter Twelve – Survivors
Chapter Thirteen – The Heiko Alliance
Chapter Fourteen – All Out War
Chapter Fifteen – Past and Present
Chapter Sixteen – The Last Angel
Chapter Seventeen – Where It All Began
Chapter Eighteen – Tamer
Chapter Nineteen – Fate
Chapter Twenty – Sacrifice