Pokemon Challenger Trilogy

The Challenger trilogy is designed to be a storyline set in a much darker and more realistic version of the Pokemon world. The series began as just a write up of a Nuzlocke challenge through Pokemon Omega Ruby that has since transformed into a three novel saga.

The first book, titled just ‘Challenger’, starts off brightly and follows the journey of Erik through Hoenn and closely follows the game for the first part during which I had planned to just make a write up with a few tweaks of a Nuzlocke run. Once the tale progresses it differs from Omega Ruby becoming a unique story as the world gets darker and more realistic.
Released: February 2016.

Return to Kanto precedes the first book as Erik and a small team of Resistance fighters emerge from Hoenn and enter into Kanto. This time around the story is shorter but much more focused and intense as I felt the first Challenger novel dallied too much in certain places. Return to Kanto is also intended to be darker and more grounded in realism than the first novel.
Released: Posting online from July 2017. Expected completion by end of year.

Silver’s Redemption is the third book in the trilogy and initial planning will begin upon completed of Return to Kanto.

Pokemon Challenger: The First Novel



Challenger: Return To Kanto

challenger 2

Challenger: Silver’s Redemption

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