Alexander Browne

Hi, I’m Alex Browne, a 24 year old who graduated from Staffordshire University in 2015 which is where I began my journey of writing stories whether based off other works or created within my own imagination. This website is acting as a personal showcase for any stories I have already written or will craft in the future.

From a young age my passion has always been writing, creating my own world’s and characters, and crafting a story-line for either a game, movie or novel but it was at university where I really began to try my hand at the art. In the two years since graduating I have completed two short stories and a full length novel with a second well on its way to completion as well as managing to balance a busy life and a full time job.

The main bulk of this website is currently dedicated to my main works so far, the “Pokemon Challenger” triology. Originally an idea to write up a playthrough of a “Nuzlocke” challenge through Pokemon Omega Ruby, the idea took off on its own path and storyline to eventually turn into the length of a full novel and breed a future trilogy. The first story of three was finished in February, 2016 after twelve months of writing, totalling just under 150,000 words. The second, “Return to Kanto”, is well on its way to completion with plans of release by the end of 2017. The final book, “Silver’s Redemption”, will be started shortly afterwards.

As well as this story, I have created my own versions of background stories for other games, taking place before the player takes control of their character at the start of the game, namely; “World of Warcraft” and “Mount and Blade: Warband“. Two games that do not have a set story for each character. These are short prologue stories which were to give depth to my playthroughs of a game but I have posted them on the “Short Stories” section of the website for anyone that wants to read them.

Site Contents

Pokemon Challenger Trilogy
Challenger: Return to Kanto
Challenger: Silver’s Redemption

Short Stories
World of Akaros

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